Why choose OneNAV?

Keep it simple and make it easy.

Our number one rule is to make things easy for you. Now it could be a simple Business Central Accounting set up, then again it could be a complex full ERP project you require, but whatever the complexity we do everything we can to make it easy for you.

We will walk you through each of the steps, clearly explain what needs to be done and give you suggestions based on real world experience and industry standards.  This may be your first ERP project, so take advantage of our 25+ years of business IT experience.

Keeping things simple makes a project more manageable, cuts unnecessary costs and means you get return on your investment faster.  Your training is easier and your users buy in to your new system.  Throughout the whole project the risk is reduced.

The right level at the right time.

Our simple rule by which we work (yet strangely difficult for others) is to make sure that everything we do is at the right level. When you’re starting off we keep it simple, so you get a firm foundation on which to build. When you’re ready to progress, we make sure you don’t run too fast. When you’re ready for the bells and whistles, we are ready to give you the cutting edge. In short we are here to guide, advise and help with all things related to Microsoft Business Central so you get the edge on your competitors.

OneNAV Implementations

Our implementations are done with our customers requirements at the forefront.  That sounds obvious doesn’t it, however we have been told by many of our clients, that have had previous partners, that this is unusual.  The reason comes down to the way implementations have been historically done. Traditionally (and still extremely common) a large (100+ page) Functional Requirement Document (FRD) was created in the first few days and the partner would then go away and build the system. However,when it was completed, it was found that the clients needs and the partners understanding had diverged some time ago. The result was that the system was not correct, this lead to lengthy and costly remedial work.

Here at OneNAV we do it differently.  Rather than writing a useless FRD, we sit with you throughout the implementation.  We run regular workshops, where we sit down with the team i.e. Sales and show them the system. Where it doesn’t fit with them, we change it, then show them again, until they are satisfied.  We do this for each team until they are happy. We then build the live system.  This way we have found that when it is complete, it is exactly what you need.

The added benefit of this is that you also get very familiar with the system during the implementation, not just before you go live. This means that its not last minute training sessions and panic on the big day.  This in turn benefits OneNAV, as not only are you happy but your support requirements are substantially reduced.

Take a look at the site, however If you would rather talk to someone, why not call us now, in just ten minutes we can give you a good overview.

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