What is ERP?

What is Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsofts ERP package is called “Dynamics 365 Business Central” and is an integrated software solution for small and medium businesses (SMB), Which means, it maps to all of your business processes and allows you to plan, view and run your whole business efficiently and effectively. All this is accomplished using an easy to learn and familiar Microsoft design.

Imagine the following scenario

  • Your office phone rings and someone asks if they can get a quote for some work or an item you sell.
  • You look at your screen, press a couple of buttons and an accurate quote appears.
  • You can now tell the customer that it will be £x and they can have it on X date and you will email the quote.
  • Fantastic they say, that was quick and easy. They then decide that it was not only a great price, but the service was excellent so they place the order.
  • You enter or look up the customer’s details, and a press of a button turns the quote into an order.
  • The customer is very happy, it was easy for them and fast.
  • It was efficient and simple for your business too, maintaining your profits and allowing more work to be done.

Now Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution doesn’t stop there, in the background it is now running your internal processes.

  • The powerful inventory system, will check the stock against the sales order or Bill Of Material.
  • If you don’t have the item in stock, it will push the request to purchasing, and suggest what they need to Order and by when. Purchasing can then decide what to do.
  • Maybe it has been pushed to manufacturing telling them to make the item. They plan and schedule the item in Business Central. It contains the Bills of Material (Ingredients) and the Routes (Recipe)
  • The system downgrades the stock (Back or forward flush) and then maybe even suggests to purchasing to reorder low raw material stock.
  • It tells your warehouse staff where to put deliveries and where to pick the stock and items and even how to organise the warehouse.
  • It then gives you the information you need to ship your product.
  • It sends the invoice and then sorts all the financial information into the correct ledgers e.g. sales, VAT etc.
  • All on time and above customer expectations.

That’s right, Microsoft Dynamics ERP can work out when the customer can get the item delivered before you even ask purchasing to buy or tell manufacturing they need to make it. All you have to do is input a few timings at setup.

In short, Business Central ERP is perfect for the small/medium business (SMB) to have end to end process information. You run your entire business on Business Central. You just add the data and it will work out how this information gets to the right people at the right time. The result is the best thing you can ever hope to achieve; consistently happy customers. Oh and of course a much more profitable business…

Its available either on your servers (on-premise) or in the cloud.  For more information about the cloud click here.

Microsoft has been a trusted ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) provider for many years. It has been through many versions and is the worlds best selling ERP solution.

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