Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the former name of Microsoft’s new Business Central.

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Let Microsoft Dynamics NAV look after your business, with its robust, reliable and efficient business processes for

  • Accounting – fully featured finance function loved by accountants for its powerful features and ease of use.
  • Sales and Receivables, Sales order management.
  • Customer Relationship Management including Sales and Marketing
  • Purchase anything your business needs including stock and non-stock items.
  • Stock control – tracks what you have in stock, in production, on order and when it’s arriving.
  • Manufacturing –  produce and monitor your manufacturing.
  • Projects – professional services planning.
  • Servicing – track any item to be serviced, the process and the results.
  • Warehousing – full warehousing capabilities including scanning.
  • Distribution – what goes, when and where. Including integration into carriers.

You’re in great company, Microsoft NAV is the worlds best selling ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system with over 130,000 businesses running on it, and over 4 million users using it everyday. It has been around for nearly 20 years (formally well known as Microsoft Navision). It’s the small/medium business ERP offering from the Microsoft Dynamics range, which comprises of Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX (enterprise size businesses) and Dynamics CRM.

An example of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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What are the benefits of Microsoft dynamics NAV?

Successful small and medium businesses (SMB) require fast and efficient business processes. Your employees need these processes to make sure they can do their jobs to the best of their abilities, after all that is why you pay them.  Its a fact that bad key business processes will slow your workers, create even more work and reducing both your profit and customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV not only gives you these best practice processes but also helps your people to make the most out of your assets and resources.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an integrated software solution, which means that rather than each department working on its own separate data, they are now connected. This means you now only have one set of “True” data that the whole business uses, this vastly reduces errors, enables “big picture” visibility on the business and also lets the next step in the process see what is coming. For example, Your sales team can see real time stock and production can see what has just been ordered so they can plan better.

Having Microsoft Dynamics NAV in your business will

  • Reduce the cost of doing business, by increasing efficiency and reducing errors, so that you can increase margin and grow.
  • Improve customer service by streamlining your supply chain and providing accurate information and better customer loyalty.
  • Give you visibility on your business, which helps you make faster and smarter decision so that you can , take control, improve margins and grow your business.
  • Gain compliance by having accurate processes and information, which allows you identify issues and to take action faster.

Who uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Well almost any business can get a huge benefit from NAV. As you can see from the list of areas Dynamics NAV covers, it is a total solution. Straight from the box it will cover the needs of most small businesses.

Microsoft dynamics NAV has been designed and built from the ground up to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses (SMB). Some SMB can have unique business requirements and NAV can be tailored to meet these, however most are just looking for standard, proven, best practice business processes. NAV provides these straight out of the box. Virtually any business can use Microsoft Dynamics NAV, below is just a sample.

  • Professional Services, E.g.
    • Accounting practices and other Financial Services
    • Management Consultants
    • Legal
  • Manufacturing, full and assembly E.g.
    • Industrial – Plastics, Metals etc
    • Consumer
    • Hi-tec – Electronics, PCB etc
    • Household – Furniture, white goods etc
  • Distribution, E.g.
    • FMCG
    • Wholesale
    • Imports & Exports
  • Servicing E.g.
    • Technical Repair
    • On-site servicing
    • Warranties

This is just a short list but it should give you the idea, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is incredibly flexible and can be configured to suit a lot of businesses straight out of the box.

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