What is Microsoft Business Central?

Business Central is Microsofts Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP offering.  For those who have been involved with ERP before, it is essentially Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the cloud, hosted by Microsoft.

This isn’t just a rebrand however as it now comes with enhanced capabilities – enabling you to upgrade your accounting software and legacy ERP systems such as Xero, Sage and Pegasus, to the latest in business technology all accessble securly over the internet.

Business Central is a single, comprehensive solution designed to manage your finances and business operations. It is cloud-based and fully managed by Microsoft so you don’t need any technical skills. It helps businesses like yours streamline processes, improve customer service and enable growth.

It covers the following areas, all done through your favourite browser

  • Financials – Manage your financial data, advanced features for automation.
  • Sales (including CRM) – A great set of CRM tools, Outlook integration and quick sales entry.
  • Purchasing – fast Purchasing, receiving and tracking of Purchases.
  • Inventory – Manage your inventory, track items and optimise stock levels.
  • Manufacturing – Assembly/full manufacturing, planning and monitoring.
  • Warehousing – Three levels of warehousing from simple to full Warehouse Management System.
  • Projects – Monitor your project financial, resources and capacities.
  • Servicing – Track your service items, reporting and resources.

These are only a small sample of the features in each area.  Why not contact us about a demonstration?

Development and customisations are still available and now done through Extensions that plug into the core solution. This means that upgrades to the latest versions are very simple and fast. If you require bespoke or super secure implementations then don’t worry. The on-premise version is also available.
Check out the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Feature page

If you want to have a chat about the latest news then please call OneNAV on 07484 709812

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The current pricing for Business Central is £52.80 per person / per month for an essential user then £75.40 for a premium user (Manufacturing and servicing)

This includes the hosting costs, so its very simple to work out your monthly costs by just calculating the number of users then choosing the version.

Implementations are done by a partner such as OneNAV, so call us now for an estimate on 07484 709812 or email enquiries@onenav.co.uk

Dynamics 365 Business Central is Integrated

Microsoft are keen to point out that they are trying to make a much more integrated solution that includes many of their existing components, many that other suppliers do not have.  This includes all the Microsoft collaboration and productivity Office applications, Internet of Things, Cortana and Microsofts brilliant Power BI.

Third party solutions (Known as ISVs  (Independent Software Vendors)) will now develop their solutions known as Extensions and will all be held on a new app store called AppSource. AppSource will let customers purchase additions for Sales, marketing, operations etc.

So think of it a bit like (Dare we say it) an iPad. You get the core app, you add Microsofts other apps if required (Dynamics 365 CRM, marketing etc) then you add third party apps, if and when you need them. The only difference is that you pay monthly per person.

 Check out the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central website

For customers who want a fully featured business package but don’t want anything to do with hardware infrastructure and don’t want to deal with any cloud management, Dynamics 365  Business Central will be perfect. To discuss Business Central please call on 07484 709812.

Download the Licencing guide here