Microsoft Business Central Wave 2

The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central was launched on October 1st, 2019. This is the second update of the year and is known as Wave 2. This update however is a major one harking back to the annual new version of its predecessor (NAV) that was always released in October.

As is usual with these releases, there are two parts to the update; technical and user features. In this article we are going to focus on the user updates.

The highlight for most users of Business Central will be the extra front-end functions.  One of the results of the development area changing however is the demise of the much-used Desktop client.  That’s right, no more installing a client onto every users’ desktop.  The focus is now on the “Modern client” (or web client if you prefer), this has received a bunch of much needed additions to close the gap on the dear departed desktop client.

So, for all the front end users, what’s the top 10 best updates?

  1. Filtered lists. One of the most requested features for the web client was a staple of the desktop; and that’s being able to save filtered lists. At last it is now possible. As always though this requires the user’s profile to be unlocked for personalisation.
  2. The ability to open a new browser window (not tab).  Sounds simple but before wave 2 this was not possible; now however many pages can be opened in another window allowing you to use multiple monitors and keep pages open.
  3. Bookmarking your page.  This new feature lets you add the current page to your top (Navigation) menu. Yes, we know this was another staple of desktop.
  4. Spell Check. For certain fields the system will now autocorrect and underline in red all your mistakes, highlighting just how bad we all are at spelin.
  5. Site map overview.  You can now get a detailed view of all the available pages for your Role Centre, a little like a website site map.  If you have used NAV previously it’s similar to the ‘Departments’ overview but also shows everything your role can see.
  6. Company Badge.  If you use more than one company in Business Central, you can now distinguish between them using a company logo rather than just the Text.
  7. Personalise your Role.  You can now move menu links and groups to another position and remove ones you don’t use.
  8. Resize columns.  As with the old desktop client, you can now just drag to resize a column rather than having to go into design mode.
  9. Customise Roles.  One for the admins here, you can now customise a Role Centre for all users, this is now very easy as it’s a button on the Profile page that opens the Role in Configuration mode.
  10. Fast Data Entry. You can now enter data on a row much faster.  Rather than having to wait for each field to validate which gave a brief pause, you can now enter the whole row before validation.

Do you need an update to Wave 2? then let us help you. Our first Client has got their hands on it and they have seen immediate improvements in usability and efficiency.

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