Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise


Dynamics 365 Business Central On Premises is the new version of the on premise version of Dynamics NAV. It has now been released and the great news is that its still the worlds best ERP system.

The Microsoft cloud hosted version of NAV was renamed in April 2018 to Business Central and it is a great solution for those that want an ERP system hosted by Microsoft. The only downside is that it is not as flexible as the On Premises version.

Business Central on-premises is designed for those who need more control over the server and more customisations.  Small companies who don’t want the hassle of looking after servers and want to use an ERP system that is relatively vanilla (Using the new extension model, you can buy plugins to modify standard, but these are again fixed solutions) will find the SaaS version of Business Central ideal.  For all the others there is Business Central On Premises.

It is incredibly flexible and can be moulded into what you need rather than what you’re given.  Dynamics 365 business central on premises will run your entire business processes the way you want it running.  What ever business you are in, it has the major functionality to help you improve efficiency and performance whilst also giving you full visibility into what your individual processes are and how they effect you.

If you have unusual or unique processes or if it doesn’t contain exactly what you need, it can be modified so it does.  For example OneNAV have specialty solutions in areas such as Fashion, Architecture, and Manufacturing.  We have customised and developed many small pieces of functionality for customers, that compliment Business Central On-Premises, for example we have several Scanning and Bar Coding, Shipping & Container  functions.

New to Business central is the option for a Hybrid model, allowing you to use some of the latest Microsoft intelligent edge technology such as AI.

“once customers sign up for the service in the cloud, they have the option to deploy it locally to their choice of hardware. While they are running Business Central on their own hardware, customers will have a tenant in the cloud, and the data from the customers’ hardware will be replicated to the cloud for intelligent cloud scenarios. At all times, customers are informed of their “cloud ready” status, so when they’re ready to transition completely to the cloud, it’s a simple step.”

Upgrading NAV to Business Central

Business Central is a big change for existing users, but it is only the start. Upgrades from previous versions of NAV are relatively simple depending on the age of your existing version.  We can upgrade any version of NAV right the way to Business Central On Premises.

If you have been paying your Microsoft support then you are entitled to all versions of NAV and the new BC On Premises.  The task of upgrading your version is usually a simple task, especially if you are on a version after 2013 (2009 takes just a little longer due to the big changes that happened in the 2013 version).  The later the version the easier it is, but dont let that stop you or it may become more difficult in future.

Don’t get left behind, its not too late to get the all the new benefits for what can be a very simple project.  Microsoft are developing the technology quickly and have already mentioned several areas that will be chnaging in the near future. for example the desktop client will not be continued after 2020.  Even the coding of NAV/Business Central is changing.

OneNAV are specialists at upgrades so why not give us a quick call to find out about your upgrade? Call on 07484 709812

Licencing Business Central On Premises

There is a new licencing model for BC On Premises, gone are the days of concurrent licences and it is now the much more standard “Named User” Licence.  This makes it much easier to understand and budget for the correct licencing (Rather than having to guess on concurrency levels).  Correspondingly the licences have become cheaper.

There are two levels of licences, Essentials and advanced users.  See the features below to see which is in each.

If you are a current NAV customer then you will still be able to use your concurrent licences, however from April 2019 no new customers will be allowed to purchase concurrent licences.

If you want to get in before the deadline please call us immediately on 07484 709812
Anyone wanting to transition to the new BC On Premises model, will be offered a transition package that basically swaps the old concurrent licence to a similar BC value.

Business Central On-Premise Features

Dynamics 365 Business Central on premise will look after all your processes including essentials such as

  • Financials
  • CRM & HR
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Projects

It can even look after your advanced requirements such as

  • Manufacturing
  • Servicing

If you want to have a chat about the latest news then please

call OneNAV on 07484 709812 or Email enquiries@onenav.co.uk
Visit the Microsoft website now for more detail, including hybrid model.