Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Simply put, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is the worlds best selling ERP system. If you are a business that needs to improve efficiency, automate tasks or simply gain visibility on what’s happening, then you need Microsoft Business Central.

Business Central is an integrated business system, so that all your business data is available in one application.  If you have silos of information in different packages such as Accounts, CRM, Spreadsheets, manufacturing, warehousing etc then you are constantly swapping applications, copying and rekeying data between them to run your workflow and to get meaningful reports.  With Business Central they are all replaced with a single application, that allows you to automate tasks, be more efficient and bring data from all areas to see a clear picture.


So what areas does Business Central cover?

Accounts + CRM + Sales + Purchasing + Inventory + Manufacturing + Warehousing + Servicing + Projects

For a basic implementation go for purely Accounts

For a small business package go for Accounts, CRM, Sales, Purchasing and Inventory

Add on Manufacturing, Warehousing, Servicing or Projects


Cloud or On Premise?

Business Central is available either in the cloud or on your servers.

Check out all the latest information on Business Central in the cloud here

Check out the latest on Business Central On-Premise here.


Upgrade from Dynamics NAV?

If you currently have Dynamics NAV and you want to upgrade to the latest version of NAV then time is running out.  Microsoft are closing this upgrade path in April 2019! call us now on 01905 571010, after this date you will have to upgrade directly to Business Central.   You can of course go straight to Business Central now.  If you have a current enhancement plan (Microsoft support) then your licences will be transferred to Business Central.  If you have on premise licences these will be mapped as 2 BC on premise licences per 1 concurrent NAV licence or if you would rather go to the cloud, then you will get a 40% discount for the first 12 months subscription.

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Microsoft CRM?

Are you thinking about CRM systems? Well, not only does Business Central have it built in, its also perfect for most businesses as it contains all the basic features you need.


Dynamics Business Central Project Help?

Maybe you just need some help? OneNAV can also assist with preparation, project management or as an advisor on your current or new implementation.  Maybe you just want a second opinion or even training.

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