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OneNAV are Business Central experts, we implement, upgrade, manage and assist businesses get the most from Microsoft dynamics 365 Business Central software.

What is Microsoft Business Central?

Simply put, Business Central is an all-in-one business solution. You can run your entire business using just Business Central.

If you are a business that needs to improve efficiency, automate tasks or simply gain visibility on what’s happening, then you need Microsoft Business Central. If you are looking for a way to let your employees work from anywhere on any device then check out our remote working guide.

Business Central is an integrated business system, so that all your business data is available to enter and view in one application.  If you have silos of information in separate packages such as Accounts, CRM, Spreadsheets, manufacturing, warehousing etc then you are constantly swapping applications, copying and re-keying data between them to run your workflow and to get meaningful reports.  With Business Central they are all replaced with a single application, that allows you to automate tasks, be more efficient and bring data from all areas to see a clear picture.

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How much is Microsoft Business central?

The Essentials licence is all a user needs to function in most business areas, including the Financials, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory and Projects. To work in Manufacturing and Servicing just upgrade to Premium. For team members that need read only or do specific roles such as Receptionist, Warehouse pick/put or enter sales orders then a Team licence is all they need.

So what areas does Microsoft Business Central cover?

Accounts + CRM + Sales + Purchasing + Inventory + Manufacturing + Warehousing + Servicing + Projects

There are many ways to use Business Central, each providing its own benefits

  • You can implement just the base Accounts pack, if you’re looking to replace Sage, Xero etc.
  • For a small business package go for Accounts, CRM, Sales, Purchasing and Inventory.
  • If you require you can then add on any of the following Manufacturing, Warehousing, Servicing or Projects.

Cloud or On Premise?

Business Central is available either in the cloud, fully hosted by Microsoft, or on your own servers.

Check out all the latest information on Business Central in the cloud here

Check out the latest on Business Central On-Premise here.

Does Business Central have CRM?

Are you thinking about CRM systems? Well, not only does Business Central have it built in, its also perfect for most businesses as it contains all the basic features you need. Manage your contacts, track communication and utilise templates to make your sales processes fast, accurate and repeatable. Manage your opportunities and pipeline, all within the standard system.

Need Microsoft Business Central Project Help?

Maybe you just need some help? OneNAV can also assist with preparation, project management or as an advisor on your current or new implementation.  Perhaps you just want a second opinion or even training.

Is your implementation not going so well? Our team can help with any issues that you have. We can assist you with your current partner, giving advice and guidance where it is needed most.

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Can we upgrade from Dynamics NAV?

If you currently have Dynamics NAV and you want to upgrade to Business Central then why not call us now on 07484 709812.  If you have a current enhancement plan (Microsoft support) then your licences will be transferred to Business Central. With the new migration tools its a lot simpler than you think.

Business Central is updated twice each year, ususally in April and October. Call us now to see what an upgrade can do for you.

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